Louis Mamo

CEO | President

The son of a plasterer contractor, Lou not only worked alongside his father where he developed a love of the construction industry, but he held other jobs in construction as well as worked in a restaurant and bakery. At the age of 17, Lou moved to Hollywood, Florida with his family and a year later, while still attending South Broward High School, he became a mentee under the watchful eye of Lenny Miller, co-founder and chairman of homebuilder Lennar Corporation.

After graduating from FAU in 1970, where he accelerated his education by completing a four year degree in three years, Lou was recruited by Chicago-based Arthur Andersen LLP – a holding company and formerly one of the “Big Five” accounting firms among PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young and KPMG, providing auditing, tax, and consulting services to large corporations – where he traveled the U.S. working on large corporate projects and cutting his teeth on understanding the intimate mechanics of many lines of business.

After leaving his position at Arthur Andersen, Lou worked for Hollywood Inc., one of the largest holders of land in South Florida between the 1960s and 1980s. While there Lou reported directly to and was mentored by company president William (Bill) Horvitz, whose family came from and was very powerful and influential in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Shaker Heights.

During his employment at Hollywood Inc. Lou obtained detailed knowledge of residential and commercial land development, and property management of both condominiums and diversified commercial properties. Not only was Lou responsible for the operations and accounting for the Hollywood Mall, but he worked on the development of Rock Creek, a large South Florida residential community.

In the late ‘70s Lou started his own accounting firm providing business solution services. A forward thinker, he purchased and installed one of the first IBM computer systems in Florida, which led to his company’s rapid growth. By the early ‘90s Louis Mamo & Company was one of the largest business consulting and accounting firms in South Florida with more than 20 accountants and financial advisors with a clientele that represented a large cross-section of business entities including Seminole Wholesale, the Seminole Indian tribe’s tobacco distribution company.

Over the years some of Lou’s accomplishments have included: building homes, developing commercial buildings, providing leasehold improvements for various tenants, and assisting a wide range of business owners fulfill their dreams by realizing the benefits of business consultation. He helped develop management teams for small businesses, assisted companies with product fulfillment, and even facilitated joint venture agreements for companies so they could expand.

In addition to helping others, Lou himself has owned residential duplexes, commercial properties, a ceramic tile company, a restaurant, and a full service day spa as well as other businesses in South Florida.

Throughout the years Lou also developed a love for the entertainment industry. Not only has he helped companies place their products in motion pictures, but he also helped secure financing for independent films. In more recent years Lou has taken an interest in reality programming, himself having appeared on Chef David Adjey’s show “The Opener” on Food Network Canada. Lou has a vision of catering to the television, motion picture, print and Internet industries providing and developing programming as well as principal and extra talent of all ages and types.

Now semi-retired, Lou attributes his life successes to having been blessed by not only knowing and learning from great mentors throughout his career, but by remaining modest while acquiring vast knowledge of the business world around him for more than 35 years.

 His philosophy is not only based on knowledge and common sense, also known as “street smarts,” but based on “recognizing that we must utilize our resources to promote positive change in the lives of people before we die.”

Lou is a business coach who inspires dedicated, hard working, people that have the desire to be entrepreneurs. Lou believes those who strive to be successful should go through a “Business Boot Camp.” “We should teach people how to learn to be leaders, so that they can achieve success under today’s economic conditions and earn the way as all previous generations of accomplished individuals and leaders were able to.”

He says that devotion, smart and honest work ethics, passion and a commitment to doing well are all essential characteristics to achieving personal success. He believes that remaining humble while giving back to society through mentoring the next generation of young entrepreneurs and business owners by inspiring them will help and enable them to achieve their goals and happiness through their life journeys.