Internet Technology and Communication Solutions

Born and raised in the Chicago suburb of Skokie, IL, Ken is the owner of Leb, Inc. an Internet Technology and Communication solutions company based in South Florida.

After attending Niles East High School in Skokie, Ken spent his freshman year of college at the University of Iowa, then The University of Illinois, Chicago, and then continued his education at DeVry Institute of Technology where he learned electronics.

After college Ken repaired cars and trucks for a chain of hot dog stands in Chicago and when they closed he began working for a heating, air conditioning and refrigeration contractor, which was where he “started messing with computers.” As Ken’s career progressed, he started a company that serviced and built large commercial bakeries and restaurants. When one of those bakeries needed a phone system, they turned to Ken, who then learned all about phone systems and built a business in Chicago installing and servicing phone systems.

Before long Ken moved to Las Vegas to startup and run an air-conditioning, refrigeration, and heating company, and while there got recruited by a Chicago based computer training company specializing in Microsoft products to manage their nationwide telecommunications and Data network. When financier and philanthropist Michael Milken purchased the company along with another organization and merged the two to form Productivity Point International, Ken relocated to Florida to manage the telecommunications for their 77 locations.

While working for Productivity Point International, Ken leveraged his position and took all the computer classes they offered – giving him an amazing education in computer software – before going to work for a software development company with offices in Florida, Atlanta, Toronto and Amsterdam, where he built an international data network.

By 2002 Ken was self-employed and in addition to his ongoing IT consultative services, Ken served as the deputy supervisor of elections for Broward County.

Today, Ken’s company specializes in computer consulting from small desktop PCs to data centers, telecommunication systems, WiFi networks, security cameras, and Internet of Things. Some of his current clients include Louis Mamo & Company, Shooter’s Waterfront Cafe, Ocean Manor Resort and many other prominent South Florida businesses.

We at Louis Mamo & Company are pleased to have Ken and the expertise he brings on boar