Sports Management


Traditionally, Sports Management involves taking a combination of skills and applying them within the context of an organization, product or service that is related to a sport or physical activity. Such skills include: planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading, and evaluating.

At Louis Mamo & Company, with more than 30 years of providing financial business solutions for our clientele and thanks to our vast network of sports affiliated consultants and agents who are versed in all aspects of sports management – front office professionals, college sports managers and coaches, recreational sport managers, sports marketers, event managers, facility managers, and sports information officers – we have a full understanding of sports economics and finance including the management, marketing, and business administration of the sports industry; all in order to help individuals who have made professional sports their vocation.

Since the sports industry is so large and diverse, we recognize there is a wide range of careers that exist within a wide range of organizational settings. Therefore if you are a sports professional – Athlete, Administrator, Communications/Media, Legal, Marketing & Public Relations, Travel – with the help of our staff and network of consultants and advisors, we can assist you with managing all or some of your business investments.