QuickBooks Training


Here at Louis Mamo & Company, we are proud to offer QuickBooks training and consulting. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn to use QuickBooks or you already know how and just want to polish your QuickBooks Skills, you can learn it here.

Here are some of the topics that we can help with.

  • Tips and tricks for working faster and more efficiently in Quickbooks.
  • Customize Quickbooks to your business.
  • Create your company’s books from “scratch”.
  • Set up accounts, customers, vendors, items, and jobs.
  • Correct errors in your QuickBooks file.
  • Customize your chart of accounts to give you meaningful financial statements.
  • Prepare and process estimates, invoices, sales receipt, credits, refunds, bank deposits, and customer statements.
  • Enter and process checks, bills, and payments.
  • How to reconcile bank accounts. (and what to do if they don’t balance)
  • How to track your cash flow.
  • Set up and process payroll.
  • Set up and charge sales tax.
  • Set up and charge credit cards.
  • Manage each part of your business using divisions, jobs and classes.
  • Set up budgets, and track budget versus actual results each month.
  • Enter special transactions including bad debts, petty cash and automatic bank debits.
  • Set up and use Quickbooks Pro and Premier with multiple users on a network.
  • Find and fix common mistakes made with Quickbooks. Handle “tricky” situations including NSF checks and customer deposits.
  • Get a handle on retail sales and online banking.
  • Learn advanced reporting techniques and integration with Microsoft Excel.
  • Prepare and file your federal payroll-tax returns.
  • Generate reports to file your federal payroll-tax returns.
  • Handle unique payroll situations, including employee loans, releasing employees, and more.
  • Customize the appearance of your sales forms.
  • Add your company’s logo to your sales forms.
  • Perform a year-end close with Quickbooks. Backup and restore your data files.
  • Export your Quickbooks reports to other programs such as Excel.

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