Like the pieces of a chess set, each of our consultants bring a specific skill to LMC. They provide expert analysis from their field and find solutions for our clientele.


                                                htb            gary            elaine

Howard T. Brody
Marketing and Operations


Gary Colombo
Music Consultant


Elaine Hoxie
Stage Production

  howard lipkint   chris macneill    scott santodonato

Howard Liptkin
Television Production


Chris MacNeill


Scott Santodonato
Publishing & Media

  Charles   Norm    anolan dragitsch 

Charles “Charlie” Lustik
Construction Management


Norm Johnson
Public Relations and Publicist


Anolan Dragitsch
Public Relations Strategist and
Chinese Business Liaison

      soraya matos     ken leb

Soraya Matos
International Sales
and Business Liaison

  Ken Leb
Internet Technology and
Communication Solutions