Soraya Matos

Soraya Matos
International Sales and Business Liaison

Soraya Matos is an experienced entrepreneur with decades of success both in the domestic and international marketplace.

A short history of the successful businesses that she founded and operated during the last three decades provides one with the full picture of the scope and depth of her experiences.

Born in Bogota, Columbia, Soraya Matos has resided across the globe from Australia, Metropolitan New York City (Connecticut), then to Switzerland, and now in Miami, Florida.

In Pereira, Columbia she founded and operated her own restaurant for nine years. After she migrated to the United States, she and her former husband/business partner, operated three restaurants in the New York City suburbs for seven years.

Also, while attending New Haven University, she founded, operated, and sold a successful day spa.

Her greatest endeavor, thus far, was as one of the original founders of Don Pablo’s Coffee. This internationally recognized brand is found on the shelves of Costco, and other major retailers. She remains an active shareholder of Don Pablo’s Coffee, as well as an avid supporter of its corporate business model.

Her current vocation is as an International Business Agent for Knock-Out Productions. This London based and Monaco listed enterprise has business relationships throughout North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Its business activities include Event Promotion, Real Estate Investment, and Angel Investment Opportunities.

Soraya Matos’ business acumen, plus her worldwide business relationships will ensure her success throughout the coming decades.