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Welcome to Louis Mamo & Company’s Construction Management Division. Here you will find all the information necessary to make the smart choice in selecting a construction management organization for your residential construction project.

LMC Construction Management (LMC-CM) is a division of Louis Mamo & Company that specializes in the construction management of residential real estate projects. Our professional architectural, engineering and construction management staff have the expertise to provide turn-key solutions for economic analysis, assessments, planning, and design.

In addition to construction management, LMC-CM also specializes in Quality Assurance services such as, Construction Monitoring and Performance Testing for homeowners, assuring that each construction project is completed above and beyond a homeowner’s expectations. LMC-CM also provides pre-construction services, competitive bidding, Pre-Construction meetings and Construction Administration services.

Five Steps to a Successful Construction Project

  1. Construction Management Services Construction management is one of the most critical parts in the success of a construction project. LMC-CM follows four key steps to successfully completing a construction management project.
  2. Act as the Homeowner’s Advocate. By acting as homeowner’s advocate, the homeowner can have better control of costs, schedule and conformance to original project goals. LMC-CM provides detailed reporting for the duration of the project, so the homeowner is kept aware of progress and potential challenges.
  3. Make sure the design and engineering meets the user’s needs. LMC-CM’s services include preparing commissioning documents, developing design concepts that meet the homeowner’s budgets, and peer reviewing plans and specifications.
  4. Ensure contractors provide excellent pricing, schedule and quality. LMC-CM helps the homeowner manage the bidding and contractor selection process through providing a detailed budget and critical path method (CPM) schedule, and procuring work with multiple prime contractors. LMC-CM also performs cost and value engineering and is familiar with lean construction technologies.
  5. Work closely with the homeowner, engineer and architect throughout the project. LMC-CM facilitates direct communication between the homeowner, engineers, architects, contractors and sub-contractors. This is especially key in renovation projects where coordination between management and homeowner can minimize disruptions in an already occupied building.
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Our Philosophy

From day one, LMC-CM is all in, All the time. That’s part of our Core Values. And what we call the LMC-CM Guarantee. And that means we always:

  • Deliver world-class homeowner service above all else. It’s the only way we know how to do business. And it’s non-negotiable.
  • Actively drive a safe and injury-free environment. We’re about more than just insuring the contractors are in compliance; we’re all about prevention. Our No. 1 goal is to make sure everyone on-site and in the office goes home safely every night.
  • Grow and develop our people to be the best. We invest heavily in our people to make sure they are the best in the industry. Spend a few minutes with any of them and you’ll see what we mean.
  • Value diversity, openness, and respect. People who feel good about coming to work end up doing the best work. We don’t just preach teamwork, we excel at it.
  • Walk the walk. We’re a hands-on company that puts itself in your shoes. We bring a homeowner’s mentality to everything we do. That means we always do what’s right for you, your spouse and your family.
  • Find a better way. We strive to solve problems when they arise. We never point fingers. If something is in your best interest, it’s in our best interest too.
  • Always act with a long-term and ethical view. Everything at every step of the process is transparent. There’s only one way to do business, the right way. Our way.

LMC-CM Management Team and Construction Administration

The Construction Management Division includes project executives, Senior Construction Managers, project superintendents and project engineers who have extensive experience in their respective fields. The division is supported by the entire LMC-CM Design and Consulting staff to provide solutions to almost any challenge or issue that may occur. LMC-CM is headed by Louis Mamo, a seasoned South Florida residential real estate and commercial property owner with more than 40 years of construction and real estate development experience.

It is important during construction to make sure design intent is being achieved. Our construction administration services include specialized observation, quality assurance, and testing services.

Periodic site visits by our construction administrator are limited to observing that the construction is being performed in accordance with design intent and to answer RFIs (Requests for Information).

Louis Mamo & Company Construction Management has a highly skilled team of construction administration specialists. Our experience comes from various trade experts, engineers, and architects who specialize in all forms of residential and commercial construction.

We provide complete on-site construction administration services during the entire construction phase of the project. These services include:

Construction Support Services – We oversee construction projects by performing periodic inspections, reviewing schedules, conducting and attending meetings, providing design clarifications, reviewing submittals and shop drawings, processing progress payments, and assisting in the project closeout.

Prepare Contracts – We prepare complete construction contracts using the proper type of contract language, which empowers us to fully execute the construction documents to the original design intent.

The LMC Method

Traditional Home Building vs. The LMC-CM Residential Construction Method

In Traditional Home Building, there is a very specific step-by-step method that takes place which takes control of the home building process out of the hands of the homeowner and into the hands of a General Contractor.

The process starts with an Architect who incorporates the homeowners’ vision into the plans and the Architect then retains an engineer. When the plans are complete the Architect gives the plans to the homeowner to select a General Contractor.

During this revolutionary way of building residences, not only do we take certain aspects of commercial construction and incorporate them into building a quality home in the most cost-effective way possible, but we put full control of the project back into the hands of the homeowner. As part of the Mamo Residential Construction Management Method, we guide the homeowner during every step of the building process.

The Traditional Home Building Method

  • The process starts with an Architect
  • Incorporates the homeowners’ vision into the plans
  • Architect retains an engineer
  • When the plans are complete the Architect gives the plans to the homeowner
  • Homeowner selects a General Contractor
  • General Contractor (GC) runs the project
  • GC selects gets the necessary subcontractors and permits
  • Electrical subcontractor, Plumbing subcontractor and Air Conditioning subcontractor all pull separate permits (even though they relate to the master permit)
  • GC selects various tradesmen:
    • Concrete contractors (foundations)
    • Blocking and framing contractors
    • Drywall hangers
    • Carpenters
    • Roofing contractors
    • May consider shell contractors (who specialize in concrete, masonry, reinforcing steel and carpentry services)
  • GC will also bring the plans to a truss company who will deliver the spec trusses to the construction site
  • Carpenters will install the trusses and apply the plywood.
  • Roofing contractor will finish from there
  • GC will engage window and door manufacturers (making sure they meet local code), insulation companies and for those homeowners who want a swimming pool, a pool builder.

LMC-CM Residential Construction Method

  • The process starts with an Engineer
  • Engineer helps design the home in the most cost effective manner possible.
  • Engineer has a better understanding of product costs than an Architect as they must take local building codes, regulations and restrictions into consideration.
  • Engineer sits down with a space planner and an interior designer to create the specifications which can include as many or as little details as necessary (room dimensions, where electrical outlets should be placed, etc.)
  • Engineer engages an Architect and provides the specifications on what products to use from windows and doors to all air conditioning specs.
  • When plans are submitted for approval, because all of the details are specified to code, they should be expedited in the quickest possible manner (saving the homeowner time and money in the building process)
  • LMC works as your personal residential construction consultant
  • LMC helps the homeowner engage cost estimators to price out the job (materials and labor). The homeowner will know the cost of every component in the construction process. Homeowners are protected from hidden up-charges so they will know the true cost of their home beforehand.
  • LMC works with subcontractors and have them sign contracts protecting the homeowner from hidden costs by agreeing to remove their own debris and in the event they do not, they are financially liable to the homeowner.
  • Physical construction will take the traditional route, except the homeowner is in 100% control.
  • LMC’s fee for serving as your personal residential construction consultant will range from 5% to 6% plus a small percentage on any additional cost savings we can help you with after the job has started.
  • Unlike a GC, LMC will go the extra step to protect your home during the construction process.
    • LMC will put a fence on the job site
    • Protect the property 24/7 by with temporary cameras that can be accessed from your home computer or your smart phone so you can watch your home as it is being built
    • Ensure nobody is on your property after hours.
  • LMC will set up the homeowner’s project on QuickBooks so cost analysis can be adjusted as necessary as the different phases of construction moves along.

Bidding and Negotiation

Louis Mamo & Company Construction Management delivers bid documents that demonstrate a high standard of care for quality construction. Drawings are prepared in industry standard software, the specifications are prepared in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format, and the construction documents are developed to be complete and accurate.

Upon approval of the Construction Documents we will assist the homeowner in answering questions and providing clarifications during the bidding process and review contractors’ requests for substitutions. Our team strives to represent the best approach to meet the homeowner’s budget, long-term needs, and schedule.

Renovation Planning & Design

Once the economics of a renovation project is confirmed, we can assist with developing the renovation program. This program includes developing the necessary documentation for obtaining the funding, rebates if applicable, and a detailed project schedule to understand site use and tenant occupancy during the renovation project. We are very familiar with projects that remain occupied during construction and special demands such projects produced on design and execution of construction. We coordinate with management and homeowner affected by the project to ensure efficient execution of the construction work with minimal disruptions. We provide detailed reporting and continuous supervision throughout the project to keep the homeowner and management abreast of all challenges and progress.

LMC-CM develops the renovation design documents for your project ranging from simple paint, window, and door upgrades to extensive new architectural facades, energy upgrades, lighting and interiors. LMC-CM has expertise in both renovation and new construction projects in single family and multi-family residential projects. We use award winning mechanical and electrical engineering design teams with expertise in energy efficiency and data systems.


Construction Monitoring & Quality Assurance

Louis Mamo & Company Construction Management provides full-time or part-time construction monitoring services directed at achieving the highest possible level of quality assurance. Construction monitoring services have the potential to make the most significant difference in achieving a longer life expectancy of your roofing, waterproofing, and residential systems. Our team of experienced construction monitors has been recognized by industry organizations as experts.

Our specialized building construction observations/monitoring services consists of specialized quality assurance on behalf of the homeowner to observe critical construction components during building process. Building envelope (the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building including the resistance to air, water, heat, light, and noise transfer), waterproofing and roofing system construction is extraordinarily complex and unanticipated conditions which require the attention of the designers frequently occur.

This service consists of specialized quality assurance on behalf of the homeowner to observe critical building envelope components during construction.

We protect the property 24/7 by installing temporary cameras that can be accessed by the homeowner from their home computer or smart phone so they can watch their home as it is being built.

Time and time again monitoring services have proven to spare homeowners from far more costly repairs in the future. As a result, we consider construction monitoring and observations critical to a successful project. To the best of our knowledge, there is no better way to confirm that the Contractor is providing and installing what you and the design team envisioned and what you are paying for.

LMC-CM’s specialized building envelope construction observations and monitoring services consists of:

  • Temporary cameras that can be accessed through a laptop or smart phone
  • Specialized quality assurance to observe critical building envelope components during construction
  • Review construction details that may cause problems later on and provide Field Consultation During Construction (FCDC)
  • Identify significant deviations from the standard details and procedures
  • Evaluate general compliance with codes and standards
  • Time and time again monitoring services have proven to spare homeowners from far more costly repairs in the future. To the best of our knowledge, there is no better way to assist the contractor in providing and installing what the design team envisioned and what was contracted to the homeowner. Quality assurance monitoring by an independent and qualified third party can identify potential design issues that can cause construction delays and mitigate potential defect litigation by documentation of construction and testing.

LMC-CM can also provide third party quality assurance monitoring during materials installation by approved applicators to make sure manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications are complied with and that the warranty is secured.

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Innovative Solutions

The Air-Driven Residential Elevator, ranging from single to a three-passenger, wheelchair-accessible models, are capable of up to a 50 foot vertical rise over as many as five stops.

Unlike a traditional elevator, the unique design of the Air-Driven Residential Elevator is a perfect choice for any retrofit or new construction project and will enhance the value of a home without the consuming footprint of a traditional home elevator. By using a vacuum pump technology, the unit moves smoothly between floors using much less energy than traditional home elevators.

The Air-Driven Residential Elevator does not require any pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room and can be installed in as little as two to three days.

Three Air-Driven Residential Elevator Models

1 Passenger Residential Elevator
350 lbs lift capacity
Smallest home elevator footprint
External diameter: 30 inches

2 Passenger Residential Elevator
450 lbs lift capacity
Cabin seat (optional)
External diameter: 37 inches

3 Passenger Residential Elevator
Wheelchair accessible
525 lbs lift capacity
External diameter: 52-11/16 inches


There are many advantages to using an Air-Driven Residential Elevator. They are: No pit excavation, hoist way, or machine room needed; Installation within one to three days; Ideal for new and existing homes due to the minimal space required to accommodate the elevator; Absolute safety in case of a power failure since the moving car automatically descends to the lowest level and the electro-mechanical door will open to let the passenger out; Cost-effective approach for elevator installation; Self-supporting structure (the elevator can rest on any existing ground floor); Eco-Friendly Elevator: No energy used during descent: gravity is used instead; Fully transparent and panoramic view without cables or pistons that block vision; Electric circuits within the cabin are 24 volts, eliminating the risk of shock; Minimal maintenance: no lubrication required for the elevator. Only scheduled service call is roughly every five years or 15,000 lifts for replacement of main seal; and Starting and stopping operations are extremely smooth.

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