Leading edge solutions can be found in a variety of industries

Leading edge solutions can be found in a variety of industries

September 24, 2017

When Louis Mamo & Company decided to open an office in Las Vegas, some of our South Florida clients asked “Why?” In addition to better servicing our West Coast clients, Las Vegas offers us a unique opportunity that no other city could provide. It enables us to stay on top of various industry trends that can help our client base in a number of areas.

As you are aware, in addition to being a world class entertainment location, Las Vegas is also the convention capital of the world.

Because of this, members of our staff attend these conventions throughout the year. We are constantly looking for new and exciting products, alternative measures and business practices, and technological cutting and leading solutions for those of our clients who utilize our business consulting services.

For example, a couple of weeks ago at a supply chain management convention, members of our staff experienced the latest trends in packaging, storage and deliveries. One of the most talked about time-saving money-saving processes was the incorporation of drones by the service industry. Packages that are under 10-pounds and do not require signature for delivery, may soon be brought to and left at your door by a drone. Amazon plans to begin using the system on a limited basis in 2018, UPS is currently field-testing it and prototypes are being looked at by the U.S. Postal Service. The company spearheading this project is Workhorse Group Inc. (NASDAQ: WKHS), an Ohio-based technology company and system is called the HorseFly™ UAV Delivery system.

Another example of LMC’s commitment to identifying industry trends is just this past week Louis Mamo and Howard Brody attended G2E, the Global Gaming Expo (pictured above), for one client that is developing a casino based TV game show and another client that develops iPhone and Android applications for the gaming industry. In addition to gathering crucial information for the clients, they also identified some of the latest trends in gaming geared toward increasing a casino’s bottom line.

For example, several companies have digitized traditional table and/or dealer games like roulette and the big wheel so that they are completely automated and do not require casino personnel. Even games like craps, which traditionally requires up to four casino employees to run a table, has been partially digitized by one company so that it only requires one person to run a table.

Another trend within the gaming industry is the integration of arcade style video games in order to attract younger gamblers. Not only are major manufacturers continuing to incorporate pop culture imagery and themes into their games as they have been doing for a while, but for a whole generation of people who grew up playing videos on Coleco, Nintendo and Sega, the games they played as kids for points are now being converted so they can be played for dollars.

These are just a few examples of the types of conventions we attend and the solutions and trends we look for that could help our client base.

If you would like to know more about how Louis Mamo & Company can help you by attending an upcoming convention, please call our Las Vegas office at 702-931-2022 or email Howard Brody at howard@LMC123.com.