How to Relaunch a Business: 5 Tips for Opening after COVID-19

How to Relaunch a Business: 5 Tips for Opening after COVID-19

April 29, 2020

Whether or not the stay-at-home order has been lifted from your city and state, now is the time to start thinking about relaunching your business. The businesses that hop on their new re-opening strategy now will have a leg up once customers are ready to get back to normal.

Check out these five tips on how to restart a business:

Tip 1: Put Safety First

The health and safety of your customers and employees has never been more important, and they want to know that it’s a top priority for you. When you’re restarting a small business after a massive health crisis, these safety measures are critical.

Business Ideas:

– Do a deep cleaning and disinfecting before opening, and regularly after
– Provide stylus pens at your front desk or checkout stations so customers can go touch free when selecting touchscreens – and take home with them to remember your business
– Replace door knobs and handles with hooks so people can safely open doors with their forearms
– Have face masks and coverings and hand sanitizer on hand for customers and employees

Tip 2: Re-Budget

Most likely, your profits and expenditures have changed. Take the time now to lay out a new budget that is both realistic and flexible for your business—give yourself some breathing room as this is an unprecedented time with few comparison points.

Business Ideas:

– Cut costs where you can
– Research any applicable loans or aid programs, as well as crowd-funding platforms (Louis Mamo & Company has helped several small businesses apply for their PPP loan as well as the loans offered by the SBA)

Tip 3: Let People Know You’re Open for Business

This business relaunch strategy tip is obvious, but important to highlight—once your doors are open, shout it from the rooftops!

Business Ideas:

– Put banners and signs outside your business that clearly say “we’re open!”
– Re-focus your online marketing, whether it’s on social media or Yelp, to note that you’re now open (Louis Mamo & Company can help you come up with a strategy and help you execute your plan)
– Run an email campaign with a promotional offer such as a percentage off of a product or service you provide (Louis Mamo & Company can run the campaign for you)

Tip 4: Go Local

Now’s the time to come together and support your fellow local small businesses who are also learning how to relaunch a business. This is the exact type of good neighbor strategy that will encourage other small businesses to help you, as well as establish yourself as a member of the local community.

Business Ideas:

– Go through your local chamber of commerce to connect with local businesses
– Replace a national or international supplier with a local one
– Offer to display their business cards and suggest they do the same

Tip 5: Differentiate Your Services

Business will look different once you open your doors again, and while that’s scary, it provides you with the refreshing opportunity to go blue sky with your services or products. Sending out a survey to customers is a great way to glean some insights on what they’re looking for.

Business Ideas:

– Drive through, pick-up, or delivery options
– Bundled services and products (and discounts, if possible!)
– Quicker treatments or services for those with limited budgets

We hope these tips for how to relaunch your business were helpful. At Louis Mamo & Company, you can always reach out to us directly for business advice and recommendations. We wish you much success as you take the necessary steps to re-opening your doors.

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