Are you a great leader?

Are you a great leader?

July 7, 2019

In the world of business cooler heads prevail as only strong-willed business owners or managers outlast everyone else to become great leaders. Are you one of them?

Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, wrote a list of things mentally strong people don’t do. It gives us a brief insight on how to have a strong mental fortitude and what it means to survive with them.

Some of the things on this list can be applied to becoming a great leader.

So, as we examine what business owners and mangers have achieved by observing their management style and the qualities they possessed that made them such an influential part of their employee’s lives, we have to ask “Would they mold us to one day become great leaders just like they are?”

We’ve compiled a list of the characteristics of true mental strength based on both Morin’s list and the observations that have been made of superior leaders over the years.

They Embrace Change

Mentally strong people are not intimidated by change. They understand that in the world of business, the wheel will keep on turning. And it’s either you adapt to these changes, or you get left behind. Mentally strong people are the ones who are driven to be successful.

They Take Risks

A wise person once said, “you got to risk it, to get the biscuit.” True words that carry so much weight. How are you going to improve if you don’t put your chips on the table? Mentally strong people dare to take risks while great leaders have the resolve to do what must be done in order to succeed.

They Learn from Mistakes

Great leaders do not see failure as the end. It’s a way for them to try a different approach. A great leader changes the process and applies it for the future. As Thomas Edison once said, ” “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

They Give You a Chance to Adapt

Great leaders are patient and understanding. They have a keen sense on human behavior and personality and provide you the chance to adapt to the process. They take the time to nurture you into whatever program they need you to be in so that you can work at a pace where you and the company can both benefit and experience growth.

They Take Responsibility

Probably the most important characteristic on this list of being a great leader is having a healthy mind set and being able to own up to to mistakes one makes. Great leaders don’t fear the repercussions because they have the power to be held accountable for anything and everyuthing they do. Most people shrivel and withdraw in the face of adversity, while others get back up, brush themselves off and keep moving forward as if it is part of their daily routine.

As a business owner or manager, ask yourself: Do you practice any of these healthy habits? Are you doing your part to make sure you run a successful business? Wether you think you are doing a great job or you believe there are opportunities for improvement, be sure to take the time to reevaluate yourself and figure out what you can do to make yourself a great leader.

Source: Boomering and IIDM (International Institute of Directors & Managers)