Kirsten Rivera

Marketing & Operations

Born in Los Angeles, California, Kirsten moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2007 with her parents, younger sister and two younger brothers. Having a Filipino heritage, she is also fluent in the language of Tagalog.

Frequently called “Kitty” by her friends and colleagues, Kirsten started high school at Northwest Career and Technical Academy with an emphasis in Culinary Arts, but graduated from Sierra Vista High School in 2014 with an Advanced Diploma.

Thanks to the knowledge, skill and hands-on experience she gained at school, Kirsten worked for two different companies in the food services industry. She worked for Greens and Proteins, a local café offering a healthy alternative to fast food and then she worked for the national chain Panda Express, where she was promoted to shift manager after working for the company for one year.

An aspiring model who graduated from a one year session with Barbizon Acting and Modeling, Kirsten has had a number of professional photography sessions and would like to concentrate on Import Modeling, which involves posing with automobiles.

In addition to her full time work with Louis Mamo & Company and her ambitious modeling career, Kirsten is also enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a major in Hospitality Management. By gaining an education in hospitality, Kitty wants to become a hospitality leader and innovator by encouraging and inspiring her peers to excel in the field of customer service regardless of whatever business they or she may be in.

Kirsten believes that through the knowledge and experiences she has gained thus far from the different positions she has held, she has developed a very strong work ethic. Her ability to learn quickly and commit herself to any task at hand has been paramount to her growth in business.

With dedication and determination, Kirsten hopes to experience as much as she can working with Louis Mamo & Company and to one day own and/or manage multiple successful business ventures.